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Library of helpers and extension methods for base types.


Implementation of Unit of Work, Repositories and Queries.


Entity Framework implementation of BitsOnCoffee.Data library.


C# Class Library for Autofac initialization of BitsOnCoffee.Data.

ASP.NET MVC Datatables Extensions

ASP.NET MVC extension methods for jQuery Datatables.

Jiri Prochazka

[yiree prokhaaska]

Currently I'm located in Dubai.

+420 777 597 819


About me

  • I'm Jiří Procházka, a programmer originally from Czech Republic.

  • I'm devoted to programming and making websites more than 11 years, 9 years of it in .NET.
    I'm working also with MEAN stack.

  • My passion is about system architecture and writing reusable libraries.

20 Jun

A half year ago I was looking for a job (as a .NET programmer naturally). During the time, I applied for 10 – 20 positions (my rough guess), mostly on LinkedIn or StackOverflow Jobs, where I have succeeded. What were my biggest experiences I took?

10 Jun

Last two weeks I was moving to the Dubai. I’m still living on the hotel waiting for all the needed papers to be arranged by the company, but everything is setting down already. Also breaking in to the new project needs it’s time. I’m pretty sure you know that. But I’m about to be publishing now on the blog as earlier.

Lately I’m working with Angular in Visual Studio and Nodemon. And I made a simple Visual Studio Extension for it.

17 May

Javascript initialization for custom controls Using lambdas for calling javascript on each control

I was a HTML/CSS coder once. But I’m not anymore. I those times it was pretty stright, there were no mobile devices, IE6 and FF existed only.

Now it seems to be a pure craziness to me, so I never write a HTML/CSS templates unless I need to, rather I buy them.

I modern HTML5/CSS3 frontends there is tons of javascript, even for each simple control. And I decided to put it a nice lambda-way controls initialization onto the table.

13 May

.Net vs JAVA? Funny video for a nice weekend..

.NET or Java? An agelong fight between those two..

12 May

On my project I’m using X-editable select (demo). Data I’m loading from WebApi 2 backend, a simple get method on controller serves well.

The select has the right number of items loaded, but empty strings are displayed instead of the value of JSON text attribute.